Commercial Roofing

Four Types Of Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing BaltimorePutting a new roof on a commercial building is not something that is done every day. In fact, in some commercial buildings the roof only needs to be replaced once every thirty to fifty years. Since this is not replaced as much as a regular roof, people need to know about the different types of commercial roofing options on the market. By knowing about these options, it will make it easier for the building maintenance supervisor to write up a proposal with a recommendation on the roofing that should be used.

Thermoplastic roofing is one of the newest trends for several reasons. One of those reasons is the exceptionally long life span, which is over twenty years, but also because of its resistance to multiple factors that ruin roofs quickly. Some of the resistance is the temperature changes that can quickly ruin a roof and lead to a roof repair or replacement. However, this is a roof that is also going to resist some of the high winds as well, which seem to be hitting at a much more frequent pace than what has been experienced before.

Photovoltaic roofs are starting to become extremely popular. Yes, the roofs are an important part of the building, but some roofing contractors in Baltimore have found that the roof can play a secondary role as a power source for the building. All they have to do is put up this type of roof and it will help in getting the buildings electric usage controlled, but it will also help in getting the building the proper protection from the weather.

Green roofs have been popping up all over Baltimore and the rest of the country. The green roof trend really started with the restaurants who would grow their herbs on the roof for that evenings meals, but it has turned into a spreading culture. The green roofs have started to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment, provides employees with a great place to relax, but also is making it easier for the businesses to qualify for various tax credits because of the type of roof they have reducing the greenhouse gases.

EPDM roofing is the commonly used type of roofing. This commercial roofing goes by a different name as well and that is the classic rubber roofing. People may remember this is the roof that was used on schools and in the 1980’s was seen as the roof that would make it easier for commercial buildings to expand everywhere. Well, this roofing material is still in use today, but it is still susceptible to cracking and drying when it is being used.

Commercial roofing is not something that comes up in every day conversation, but it is something that is a major concern to the maintenance man. In fact when the roof does start to have issues the maintenance man has to prepare a report on which type of roofing material should be used in the building and why. By knowing about the four common types of roofing, the maintenance man can properly prepare his presentation and know it is going to keep him happy and makes his bosses happy as well.

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